How do you go on with such a piece without beginning with a proper yet formal ‘what the fuck’ introduction. Let’s not sugarcoat it, the struggle is real for each one of us, but particularly for those who need to fight to make things happen. Since March 2020, our lives have been on pause. Not only are we battling with the time to deliver a safe and efficient remedy to the pandemic, but also to follow the path we aspired to take for so long. Now more than ever, the clock has become women’s worst enemy.

If we all have…


Two years ago, I moved to the US full of hopes. I had my version of the American dream, like any migrants making it to the promised land. Mine was pretty basic: a fresh new start overseas where everything could be possible. For many non-Americans, this immigrant ideal has been weakened by Donald Trump’s election. The 45th President of the United States never hidden his disdain for foreigners, including Europeans. However, the most destructive parts of Trump’s mandate — including the Muslim Ban and the now questioned future of the DACA program — have been directed at people who don’t…

Time has been up for a few months now. And in this post-apocalyptic #MeToo era, lovers around the world are trying to figure out what it does mean for them — individually and as members of a patriarchal society that never took “no” for an answer. For the eternal line crossers, victimizing themselves rather than behaving became the mood. Yes, those poor little scared things have to rethink their entire flirting approach if they want to “shoot their shot”, like a fucking Golden State Warrior. “It’s getting very hard to get a number”, some will say but for those of…

“Ghosting” and “having the talk” are very much American concepts

Photo by Wiktor Karkocha on Unsplash

On the last date I had in Paris, we spent the day strolling along the Seine on a sunny summer day. The man I was seeing, a 26-year-old business student, was a typical caricature of a French man: elegant and a bit shy, but constantly smiling. We began the morning with a visit to the Louvre before stopping for ice cream and continuing to wander the city for hours, talking without interruption.

Cliché, yes, but that’s how it goes a lot of the time in my home country — the country of passion and romance, where “La Vie en Rose”…

Joanna Valdant

French writer based in the Bay Area. Check my work:

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